I am a black woman, not by choice but by nature. I didn't choose to be born black but some set of people called parents made the decision for me to be born. Growing up, I was told several lies about who a black woman is. Many say a black woman is inferior to other women. Others says she is only good in the  bedroom and in the kitchen. All these, I never once agreed with and that helped in bringing out the best in me. Today, I write the confirmed truth about a black woman. Black is beautiful, this is undeniable.

I am a black woman, my skills, ability and knowledge is beyond imagination. I am a black woman that sits with world leaders to discuss matters arising in their countries. I am a black woman with gifted hands that men all over the world can't resist the aroma from my kitchen. I am a black woman with dignity and pride. If I was to be born over and over again, I would like to be born as a black woman because I've got strength like no other woman in the world. I am undefeatable black woman. Indeed BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!