The Carefree Black Woman by Erin Rausaw

Being "Young, Wild and Free" is just a phrase to some, but for me I made it into a reality. The world wanted me to conform to fear and I had no desire to do such. Being afraid meant struggling with what my peers thought or felt about me. That would also affect my everyday livelihood in the most negative way. That's what happened until I applied pressure and fell in love with myself.

Falling in love with myself was no easy task. It was simply the hardest thing I've ever encountered in 23 years. It meant loving all of me. Even my aggressive trait that I tried so hard to hide. Being aggressive doesn't make you less of a "typical black woman", if anything it makes you resilient. It helps you to stand on your own two feet without taking no for an answer and giving up. In the spring of 2015, I felt like throwing in the towel. I did absolutely everything within my power to do well and it wasn't working no matter how hard I tried.

I jumped at the opportunity of a change of scenery which helped in the best way. I learned exactly who I was without my friends and family. This BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN was me through trial and error. Making the same mistakes never gave me new results so I stayed afloat, picked up new hobbies and learned to love my laugh, and without hiding my unorthodox personality.



Is happiness the key to a successful life? I indeed would confess it to be true. We all have our problems in life that gives us typical results but why remain sad when you can be happy. Why spend the majority of your energy hating someone when you can make room to love a new hobby or person. You are your own version of what a BLACK WOMAN is and that's what makes you beautiful and unique. Loving yourself is an art that no one can buy or take from you. You have the ability to paint a new canvas everyday, with unlimited paint.