What the #NoLiesToldThen Campaign Does for the Entire Community At Large

Writer, Torri R. Oats, was on a mission to humanize blackness and create a voice for those who may not necessarily have. Through this, she penned No Lies Told Then, a story of a young author fighting to salvage her successful career while dealing with past hurt. 

Through this soon-to-be-released film, the audience will witness different themes emerge - the most important being on a journey of self. Your insecurities are a dissenting voice, often lies told to yourself. As the film is a story of love, self-discovery and the courage to chase dreams so is this campaign. We want you to show us how you're taking charge of the direction of your life, allowing your insecurities to starve and unapologetically chasing your dreams. 

How can you show us you're taking charge of the direction of your life? By joining our four-week Twitter campaign. Each week, we will ask one question for our community to answer for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. The campaign starts Monday, June 22 at 12AM EST and the question for week one: If you could become anything, achieve anything in this moment, what would you be?

We asked Torri, what the campaign does for the entire community at large. Her response: "No Lies Told Then is more than a passion project. As I wrote each draft and it became clearer to me this wasn't just the story of a woman trying to figure it all out; it's the story of our collective journey told through the eyes of one. I hope this campaign, inspired by the film, encourages people to take a breath and ask themselves the tough questions that often get lost in the journey of life. Is this what I'm meant to do? Is this who I dreamed of being? I want to facilitate an individual, and collective, dialogue that inspires and challenges us to fully pursue life."

Journey with us and always remember, it's never too late to recalibrate the direction of your life

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