Letter to Her Unborn Child

March 8, 1980

To My Unborn Child:

The doctor just told me you’re a girl but she didn’t tell me nothing I didn’t already know.

You are gonna be somebody. I’m not giving you a choice.

I’m not gonna pretend that it’s gonna be easy for you ‘cause it’s not. It’s gonna be damn hard, but we already know about our spirit. Nothing’s gonna tear us down.

You’re gonna to have the life I didn’t. You’re gonna go to the better schools because that’s what you’re meant to do. You’re not going to fuck it up like me. We’re going to do whatever we have to do to make sure you make it. Knowledge is power.
I’m gonna read to you every night. I’m gonna buy you a good set of encyclopedias. You’re gonna be cultured.


Whatever you want to do, you’re gonna at least have a chance. What you’re not gonna do is fail. I need somebody to take care of me when I get more life experience -- old ain’t in my vocabulary.

Hopefully, we’ll survive Reagan and get a Democrat. You won’t understand politics until you’re older, but just so you know, you’re a Democrat. People will tell you Republicans set the slaves free, but that’s not the same party running around today.


I want you to know, really know, there is nothing you can’t do. No matter what people tell you. You really can be anything. I’m telling you now and I’m gonna keep telling you until you believe it.

Baby girl, I can’t wait to tell you about the world. We’re going to have fun! I know it.

Until the next time.


I love you.