Navigating Black Womanhood by Melissa Mickens

In all honesty, when it comes to lies and truths as it relates to my black womanhood, I am at a loss. Simply because at this moment in time, I'm finally beginning to understand what "womanhood" means to me. Ideas like this one are so large in scope when you have to magnify something that is instinctual to you.

So when it comes to the biggest lie, I guess it has to be what society equates with "black womanhood." I'm not strong, large, urban, or loud, but I do see myself as a young woman who has something important to say and has the talents, gifts and wonderful support system (strong family and friendships) to try to get them out into the world. 


The biggest truth, therein, lies with relationships. It is very hard to have the strength and courage to explore, learn and grow as a woman without strong relationships. People who will call you out on your bull****, but who you also know you can call in times of trouble, self-doubt, or fear.