NLTT Presents: Guest Blog Series - What Lies Were You Told?

The journey to No Lies Told Then has been an enlightening one. We have gained knowledge and shed weights and lies we didn't even know we carried. Black women have illuminated our path with unforgettable moments and reminders of our value. We plugged into black womanhood - not just our own, but the magic that binds a global sisterhood with an invisible ribbon. From Sandra Bland to Lemonade, so much has taken place and we keep up with it because all of these occurrences are the beating heart of what we stand for.

We decided that it's now time to turn the proverbial microphone to the black woman who inspire the passion we have for our film. We're proud to introduce a guest blog corner where black women tell their stories and get the lies they've been told off their chest! If you're interested, you're invited to submit your words. We want to hear from you. If you're here to read, get comfortable and let these stories empower you.