The Truth of my Black Womanhood by Olivia Walker

I am and will always be a strong black woman. Born and raised in the South, being diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 6, and experiencing extreme highs and lows throughout my life has molded me to be the strong black woman that I am today. I was told I wouldn’t make it to see 21 years old. I was told, due to my condition, that life would be harder, tasks would be difficult, and concentrating long enough to achieve any goal would be challenge. The problem is…I’m as stubborn as can be. I shrug off the negatives and always look for the most positive outlook on life. 

My motto, in regards to life, is to simply live it. Every day is an opportunity to live. I never allowed the negative impact of life’s obstacles stop me from accomplishing every goal I set forth. I graduated from college, moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion and beauty public relations and I’m now in a managerial position for a well-known beauty brand and I’m just getting started. 

The biggest lie I was told throughout life was what I can’t or couldn’t do. I’m determined now more than ever to conquer any and everything I put my mind to. Create a way out of the impossible and prove to others who may suffer from an incurable disease that “no” doesn’t have to be the answer. You create your destiny. You have the power to change your situation. Faith plays a huge part in my existence and my love for God keeps me afloat and focused. If you want to be strong, be strong! You hold the power.