#NoLiesToldThen: Meet the Characters

No Lies Told Then


To the eyes, Sandra is striking, successful, stylish and confident. As the author of a popular series of books, she has realized her dream of becoming a writer, yet she is far from fulfilled. In the midst of a stressful deadline, Sandra crosses paths with ‘the one that got away and must come to terms with the feelings that come rushing back.


George is a handsome and charismatic British expat whose success as a famous author leaves women falling at his feet. Abandoned by his mother at a young age, and carrying the scars of someone who has never truly felt love, he fears that any woman he lets in will only break his heart. Though he’s built a life of wealth and luxury, he is a man who has one regret, which haunts him for years: letting Sandra go. 


Bridget, a single mother raising her smart-mouthed daughter in a rough Harlem neighborhood, does what she has to do to survive. A former singer and beauty, worn down by the weight of her life, she wears too much makeup and not enough clothes in the effort to hang on to what's left of her youthful appearance. 


A British expat, he's slightly eccentric with a love for good marijuana. As George's live in caretaker, and lifelong confidante, he is the younger man’s savior who was there when he had no one. He's an advice giver, and having lost his own great love, is the voice of experience.