Join in our #LadiesWhoFilm Twitter Chat


Hollywood wasn’t built by women and to a certain extent it wasn’t built to serve us in the same way it serves men. It’s a system that favors white males at the expense of women and minorities. This has always been a fact of the politics that govern the film industry, but 2015 has proven to be pivotal for the movement that questions Hollywood. This year it was forced to look inward at its own culture and lack of diversity both in front of and behind the camera.   In short, the status quo became untenable as voices were raised universally demanding representation and change.   



2015 lifted the curtain of the Hollywood machine, exposing just how deeply white, male privilege runs in the industry and the perceptions perpetuated by it. From Colin Trevorrow’s comments about women not wanting to direct blockbusters to #Damonsplaining, the need for more conversation to shift the culture has revealed itself and women across the world have boldly risen to the challenge of leading these conversations.


When we created social media profiles for our film, we knew we wanted to be involved in this important conversation. Part of the core story of No Lies Told Then is “giving a voice to the voiceless” and women and minorities are nearly voiceless in the film industry. We also took notice of the talented film industry women who were engaging with us, and the idea to bring these voices together in a chat was born.


#Ladieswhofilm is a corner where women who work in film, or aspire to work in film can freely chat, vent, discuss issues, share inspiration and network with other women. We’re all connected by our love of film and desire for women to get the space, credit and respect we deserve. There is so much knowledge to share and talent to be excited about, and this conversation will provide a platform for #Ladieswhofilm to unite! this We’re looking forward to talking with all the wonderful women who’re participating in #Ladieswhofilm and you’re invited too! Join the conversation on Wednesday November 4 at 7pm EST. If you have a question you want us to ask, fill in this questionnaire