We are people of color who believe just as representation matters, how we are represented matters equally. We believe in the ability of art to illuminate, enlighten and entertain. We believe in the power the personal journey and the universality of the ups and downs, failures and triumphs, joys and sorrows of life. 

We come from different parts of the globe: South Africa, Peru and the United States with one goal in mind: usher “No Lies Told Then” from script to screen. On the heels of #OscarsSoWhite, a presidential campaign that left us bruised, battered and bewildered, a brutal 2016 left us more divided and the need for diverse voices more necessary than ever.

It is our hope that “No Lies Told Then” is a film that connects us all. It is our hope that we leave you with a sense of hope. Hope for the future. Hope that you may still discover and live your best life. Hope that though we are different and our lives may be different, underneath it all if we listen, we will learn that we are all the same.