The Story

A typical night at home for a wistful Harlem mother and her creative, strong-willed daughter is disrupted by their violent neighbors.

The Team

Diego Lummis - Director

Jamal Solomon - Director of Photography

Torri R. Oats - Writer/Producer

Casey Renee Watkins - Sandra

Mia Anderson - Bridget

Sometimes, you've just gotta do it. 

You've gotta stop waiting

for the door to crack open,

for that lead to pan out,

for someone to discover what you already know.

You've gotta leap,

take the risk,

stop talking,


"Tomorrow Is Too Late" is about doing. For years the team at NLTT has been working to bring the project from script to screen. It hasn't been easy. Days, weeks and months pass with very little traction, followed by a flurry of activity that results in slamming into another brick wall. We've tried different strategies, created videos, an animatic which you can watch on our homepage, while remaining in constant communication with our audience.

We've lived with this project and these characters for so long, it was kind of eating away at us. We wanted to see these characters brought to life. We wanted to hear their words and actions interpreted by talented actors. We wanted to give you something to whet your appetite, something to get you excited about the story we want to share.

So, we stopped waiting,

kicked the door open,

thumbed our nose at permission

and did what we knew how to do --


We took the leap,

the risk,

ceased talking

and did.

In the upcoming months, we will share more about "Tomorrow Is Too Late," our short film.