Bridget is a single mother raising her smart-mouthed daughter in a rough Harlem neighborhood. With resourcefulness and finely honed skills, does what she has to do to survive. A former singer and aging beauty, worn down by the weight of her life, she wears too much makeup and not enough clothes in the effort to hang on to what's left of her youthful appearance. Though she has many faults, she is a fighter who is always there for Sandra, determined to help her daughter avoid making the same mistakes that derailed the dreams she had.    


George is a handsome and charismatic British expat whose success as an author attract an endless stream of beautiful women. Never one to disappoint, he makes sure everyone around him has what they need, without ever letting anyone get too close. Abandoned by his mother at a young age, and carrying the scars of someone who has never truly felt love, he fears that any woman he lets in will break his already fragile heart. Though he’s built a life of wealth and luxury, he is a man who has one regret which haunts him for years:  letting Sandra go.  Tired of his lonely existence, he must confront his abandonment issues and start the healing process, or lose the only woman he has always loved.   


Johnathan, a British expat, is more than a little eccentric with a healthy appreciation for good marijuana. As George's live in caretaker, and lifelong confidante, he is the younger man’s savior who picked him up him when he had no one. He's an advice giver, and having lost his own love, is the constant voice of wisdom and experience.   


To the naked eye, Sandra is striking, successful, stylish and confident.  As the author of a popular series of books, she has realized her dream of becoming a writer, yet she is far from fulfilled. Surrounded by people demanding pieces of her soul: an editor who needs a hit, readers to satisfy and a mother to care for, there is little left for the woman herself, a woman desperate to be loved.  With a deadline looming and the clock in her ear ticking louder and louder with each passing year, Sandra must choose:  continue on the path that others want, or pursue the life that she truly desires.